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About the Fan Club

First and foremost, the Fan Club is made up of Everblade fans who want to become more involved.  One of our biggest responsibilities is taking care of the player apartments. The FanClub supplies the players with basic household goods, and stock the refrigerators before they arrive.  Once the season is over we gather the household goods and store them for the next season. When the players travel to away games, the Fan Club stocks the bus with healthy treats (granola/protein bars, fruit, nuts, etc.). We host four ‘members only’ social events with the players and coaches. Early in the season, we have a Meet and Greet event, at Christmas time we have an Adults Holiday Party, in January we have a kids only Kids Holiday Party and at the end of the season we host a Picnic.

Team Support can get expensive!  If you have visited our table at a game, you’ve probably seen the various items we sell.  In addition, we raffle many player-autographed items, handmade hockey related items, gift card trees, theme baskets or sponsor donated items. We also hold 50/50 drawings at our ‘member only’ events.  100% of the proceeds are used for Team Support.

Photo by Keaton Hanley
Photo by Keaton Hanley
Photo by Keaton Hanley
Photos by Keaton Hanley
Photo by Keaton Hanley

We believe in supporting our team. 

Our Mission

We, the members of the Florida Everblades Fan Club, are committed to act in a professional manner, as a booster/fan club that supports the promotion of hockey and good sportsmanship at all levels in Southwest Florida. The objectives of the Florida Everblades Fan Club of SWFL., Inc. are to provide a forum for hockey enthusiasts to exchange ideas, opportunities, camaraderie and to support the interest and enjoyment of hockey as well as to provide support for the members of the Florida Everblades hockey team and their families through charitable and educational activities involving youth groups and/or junior hockey teams in the community.

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Photo by Keaton Hanley
Our Mission
Hockey Puck & Stick

Board Members

President: Belinda A. Hanley 

Vice President: Cathy Maley

Vice President: Karen McKenzie

Treasurer: Sandy Renné

Secretary: Karen McKenzie

Members at Large: Linda BrunsCarol Grubbs,

& Kassondra "Kat" L.

Front Office Liaison: Greg Millis

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